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Walnut & Tiger Maple Modern Arts & Crafts 5 Drawer Bureau

Beautifully Hand Crafted Fine Modern Furniture in Various Styles

The Delnero Family Furniture Co.

This stunning chest of drawers was built in the modern Arts and Crafts style for clients in Manhattan, NY. The case was made by hand for Gennady and Anna of sol­id American Walnut, the drawers were built of sol­id planks of heavily figured Tiger Maple. The drawers have a gentle curved de­sign routered around the edges,and set 5/8" proud of the face of the case, and are adorned with modern looking American Walnut pulls. This custom 5 drawer dresser measured 52" high x 38" wide x 22" deep.

Details like the slight arch in the 3/4" overhang of the top, 1/4 round bead border­ing solid flat side panels, modern drawer pulls, and simple clean lines allow this Arts and Crafts styled case of drawers to fit in with many different home and furniture styles. It would look handsome in a modern apartment in Manhattan, but also would add charm and warmth to a home in the country. Gennady and Anna were instrumental in the design, and the finished pieces truly reflect on their vision.

Justin pre-taps the plug holes in the dados of the dresser sides. This allows 2 1/2" wood screws to pass through the sides, and secure into the sets of drawer frames that will aid in holding the chest to­gether. It's interesting to know that it takes us roughly 20 hours work to build the sides, drawer frames, back, and bottom for a dresser this size, and only about 45 minutes to assemble these parts!

Here, the bureau has been assembled and awaits wal­nut plugs. It will then be ready for the slow process of belt sanding, rough sanding, and finally, the finish hand sanding. Hours of finish hand sanding is one of the proc­esses that sep­arate our workmanship from so many others. Any­where you can place a hand, from the piece`s top to the bottom of the lowest drawer, you'll not find any sharp edges.
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