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Early Settler's Rustic Food Cupboard / Entertainment Center

Quality, Built to Order by Delnero Custom Furniture Company

Hand Crafted Rustic Furniture for the Entire Home

Early Settler's Rustic Farmhouse Table with Turned Legs
Early Settler's Rustic Food Cupboard / Entertainment Center
Early Settler's Rustic Food Cupboard / Entertainment Center
Clients who own the oldest Inn in Massachusetts. (formally the Sackett Inn, currently, a private residence) needed a custom made piece of furniture with many requirements. The outer appearance needed to be in harmony with the style of their early 18th century home, while also looking like it was built in the same period. The couple loved the form of our Shaker Food Cupboard, and asked if we could do a worn panted finish on a more primitive hand planed version. They chose the colors, including the 3 separate base coats, and we made them samples to critique.

This cupboard featured 24 hand punched English tin panels. Each panel is pierced one at a time, one hole at a time. There are over 14,000 hand punched holes in this cupboard.

The inside of the piece needed to house all their electronics. The family doesn't watch TV, but occasionally rented movies watched here. The cabinet also housed a VCR, fax machine, various cell phone chargers, and anything else they wanted to hide from the charm of their Colonial home. The piece was electrified with outlets behind the TV and fax machine shelves, and lighting for the fax and lower drawers.

The couple own horses, and she read that the best way to make English tin look 100 years old is to place it under a pile of horse manure. True story... usually we build the cabinet, then cut out and punch the panels, but for this piece we made the panels a year before building the piece! After 4 New England seasons, they dug the 24 panels up, cleaned them off to find these antiqued tins.

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