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Hand Turned Cherry Pedestal Coat Tree

Hand Turned and Hand Forged by Delnero Rustic Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Showroom Special - Available Today - Click for Price Hand Turned Cherry Pedestal Coat Tree

Hand Turned Cherry Pedestal Coat Tree
This beautifully turned coat tree was built by hand of solid cherry wood & wrought iron. The hand turned pedestal started out as a solid square piece of cherry, set into our wood lathe. After six hours of hand carving and sanding, and over 600,000 revolutions later, our Master turner, Robert Delnero takes the finished turning out of the lathe.

The coat tree's base was built of flame cherry. We build every piece of furniture completely to order, so you may vary any detail, design, or dimension desired.

A close up of the authentic wrought iron hooks. We forge our hooks in our own blacksmith shop, as was done by the blacksmiths of old. This style hook is a slightly fancier version of the primaitive cabin hook. The top of the hook is forged in the shape of a nail, and is bent at a 90 degree angle to the base of the hook. It is nailed into place traditionally. These are nailed in, but have a forged lagg bolt the keeps them in place, not allowing them to move from left to right.

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