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Reclaimed Butternut Panel Bench with Back & Coat Rack

Primitive Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture from Reclaimed Woods

Reclaimed Butternut Panel Bench with Back & Coat Rack
Reclaimed Butternut Panel Bench with Back & Coat Rack
Reclaimed Butternut Panel Bench with Back & Coat Rack
Reclaimed Butternut Panel Bench with Back & Coat Rack
Yet another piece commis­sioned by Robert, this stor­age bench and coat rack captured the primitive, made by hand style he was looking for. Bob's passion for detail helped shape the character, right down to our selection of each board. Building a one of a kind, hand made item is fine, but taking the time to blend a customer's personality with fine workmanship is truly a special experience.

The wormy butternut wood used for this project came from a pile of wood we bought out of an old garage. The majority of the wood was 25 year old cherry that an old man (who liked to build things in his little shop) had stored there back in the 1960s. After he passed away, his son moved into his home, and in 1988 contacted us about selling it.

This set was built with the same techniques that would have been employed by early furniture makers. All rails and stiles had pinned full through mor­tises, married members were doweled and glued, free floating flat panels were hand planed, back panels were cut out of the same boards as the front panels so they flow and are the same from top to bottom, all the hardware (hinges, coat hooks, cut nails, and long hinge nails) were hand forged by the Delnero blacksmiths, the hinges and support boards were fastened traditionally, reclaimed pines were used inside the storage section of bench, many coats of Linseed oil were applied for an authentic early finish.

A shot of the lid with support boards, and a glimpse into the reclaimed pine storage area. Notice the through mortise in the center of the top rail.

A close up of how support boards and hinges were originally secured. Before the invention of the screw, a blacksmith's nail was the only method to attach such items. A soft, pliable nail about an inch longer than the work was driven in and nailed over. A heavy item such as a hand held mini anvil needed to be placed over the bent nails while hammering the heads would make everything tight.

The worm holes in this pristine butternut wood ranged from tiny little 1/16" dots, to these large 1" long beauties!

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