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Reclaimed Hemlock Table Back Bench

Primitive Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture, from 60 Year Old 2" x 10" Joists

Showroom Special - Available Today - Click for Price Reclaimed Hemlock Table Back Bench
Reclaimed Hemlock Table Back Bench
Reclaimed Hemlock Table Back Bench
Reclaimed Hemlock Table Back Bench
Building materials such as timber and nails were so hard to come by that farmers would carefully take down an old structure, and use the salvaged stock to build again. More often than not, if one looks carefully at large beams in early homes and barns, you'll fine evidence like mis-matched sizes, or mortise holes where they don't belong, indicating prior use. We think our generation invented recycling... for over 150 years, (from Colonial times through the 1940s) Americans canned their own foods, washed cloth diapers, used old sewing materials to make their cloths, etc.

The time-honored tradition of the recovery of resources, to regenerate valued goods is still alive. In the custom building of every piece in this line, Delnero Custom Furniture uses only timber that has had a prior use. It has been exciting figuring out ways to hunt these materials down. This lovely table back bench was hand built out of old hemlock floor joists. Even with our newly bought woods, we are finding ways to better use what was once called waste. We have 150 ft. of wood bins in our shop attic that we use to sort the 25 different species we custom build from. The boys are building quality crafts and small items form these piles. We take the time to glue together smaller pieces for backs and bottoms.

This charming table back chair harkens back to a time when form followed function. Living in a early American cabin, or some room in your home, the best use of space has always played a role in our decor. This piece offers a 48" wide place to sit when the back is in the up position, there is a pace for storage under the seat, and by dropping the back it turns into a 72" x 36" table.

A shot of the lid raised, and the storage below.

The piece is designed so the top/back pivots, or hinges with the use of wooden pins. The top pin acts as the hinge, while the bottom locks the back in either the up or down position.

You can see more eco friendly custom furniture from Delnero's Reclaimed Wood Furniture collection, handmade from the following types of recycled lumber:
  • reclaimed cherry
  • reclaimed chestnut
  • reclaimed fir
  • reclaimed spruce
  • reclaimed walnut
  • reclaimed white pine
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