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Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard

Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture and Copper Pan

Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard

Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard
Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard
Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard
Reclaimed Fir Wood Wash Stand / TV Cupboard
The ability to regenerate distinct custom furniture out of reclaimed timber has proven to be quite rewarding. This stand and cupboard was custom built for one of our favorite customers. Robert has commissioned other pieces found in our reclaimed furniture gallery, and always has specific ideas for a piece's function and appearance. This piece was to look natural in Bob and his wife's old farm house, yet it was to fill a more modern need.

We smith our own pans out of solid 16 once copper sheets. These pans are built with a stabilizing rim of 3/8" round wrought iron bars, that the edges of the pan wrap completely around, like found on an old fashioned copper sink. We tin the corners so the pan holds water, making it ideal to use as a planter.

A shot of the wash stand in its new home.

This cupboard reveals a flat screen TV, VCR, and cable box when its doors are opened. With the thin depths of today's TVs, the design possibilities are exciting. One would not expect to find a TV in this 13" deep piece of recycled furniture.

Bob asked us not to drill any modern holes in this piece, so we found boards with a suitable knot holes to allow the wiring and electrical cords to pass through. As we flipped over one of the old fir planks, we found that someone had carved his or hers initials (G.W.) into it. Bob thought it would be interesting to incorporate it into the piece, and they ended up in the back of the door stiles.

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